T:Wildwood Flower A:I'll Twine Mid the Ringlets M:2/4 K:C I:C:CCCC GGCC CCCC CCGG I:C:CCCC CCCC FFCC CCCC GGCC

X:1 T:Wildwood Flower M:2/4 Q:1/4=90 L:1/8 K:C z2(EF)||"C"G2Ac|EEFE|"G"D2ED|"C"C4-|C2(EF)|\ G2Ac|E2FE|"G"D2ED|"C"C4-|C2Gc| e2ed|c2GG|"F"A2cA|"C"G2CD|\ E2ED|EG2E|"G"D2ED|"C"C4-|C2z2|]
K:C I'll [C]twine 'mid the ringlets of my [G]raven black [C]hair, The lilies so pale and the [G]roses so [C]fair. The myrtle so bright with an [F]emerald [C]hue, And the pale aronatus with [G]eyes of bright [C]blue. I'll [C]sing and I'll dance, my [G]laugh shall be [C]gay. I'll cease this wild weeping, drive [G]sorrow a-[C]way. Though my heart is now breaking, he [F]never shall [C]know, That his name made me tremble and my [G]pale cheek to [C]glow. I'll [C]think of him never, I'll [G]be wildly [C]gay. I'll charm every heart, and the [G]crowd I will [C]sway. I'll live yet to see him re-[F]gret the dark [C]hour, When he won, then neglected the [G]frail wildwood [C]flower. He [C]told me he loved me, and [G]promised to [C]love. Through ill and misfortune, all [G]others a-[C]bove. Another has won him, ah, [F]misery to [C]tell; He left me in silence, no [G]word of fare-[C]well. He [C]taught me to love him, he [G]called me his [C]flower That blossomed for him all the [G]brighter each [C]hour; But I woke from my dreaming, my [F]idol was [C]clay; My visions of love have all [G]faded a-[C]way.