T:Wearing of the Green M:2/4 K:G I:C:GGGG DDDD CCGG DDGG (2X) I:C:GGGG DDDD CCGG DDGG (2X)

X:1 T:Wearing of the Green M:2/4 Q:1/4=60 K:G z4z2GA[|:"G"B2B2B2B2|"Em"B2(d2d3)B|"D"B2A2A2A2|A6d2| "C"e2c2g3f|"G"e2d2B2G2|"D"A2G2G2G2|1"G"G6GA:|]2"G"G6gf|| ||"G"e2e2d2B2|"Em"d2d2G3A|"D"B2A2B2c2|B4g3f| "C"e2e2d2B2|"G"d2d2G3B|"D"A2G2F2E2|"G"D6GA| "G"B2B2B2B2|B2(d2d2)B2|"D"B2A2A2A2|A6d2| "C"e2c2g3f|"G"e2d2B2G2|"D"A2G2G3G|"G"G6z2|]
K:D Oh [D]Paddy dear, and [Bm]did you hear The [A]news that's going round? The [G]Shamrock is for-[D]bid, by law, To [A]grow on Irish [D]ground! No [D]more St. Patrick's [Bm]day we'll keep His [A]colour can't be seen; For [G]there's a cruel [D]law against The [A]Wearing of the [D]Green! {i}Chorus:{/i} {i}For the [D]Wearing of the [Bm]Green{/i} {i}For the [A]Wearing of the Green,{/i} {i}They're [G]hanging men and [D]women{/i} {i}For the [A]Wearing of the [D]Green.{/i} Oh I [D]met with Napper [Bm]Tandy And he [A]took me by the hand. He said: [G]"How is poor old [D]Ireland And [A]does she [D]stand?" She's the [D]most distressful [Bm]country That [A]ever yet was seen, They're [G]hanging men and [D]women For the [A]Wearing of the [D]Green! Chorus And [D]since the colour [Bm]we must wear Is [A]England's cruel red, Let [G]it remind us [D]of the blood That [A]Ireland's sons have [D]shed. Then [D]take the Shamrock [Bm]from your hat And [A]cast it on the sod. It [G]will take root, and [D]flourish still, Though [A]under foot it's [D]trod. Chorus My [D]father loved his [Bm]country And [A]sleeps within its breast, While [G]I that would have [D]died for her Must [A]never so be [D]blessed. Those [D]tears my mother [Bm]shed for me How [A]bitter they had been If [G]I proved a [D]traitor to The [A]Wearing of the [D]Green. Chorus When the [D]law can stop the [Bm]blades of grass From [A]growing where they grow, And [G]when the leaves in [D]summer time Their [A]colours dare not [D]show, Then, [D]I will change the [Bm]colour I [A]wear in my caibin (A cap - pronounced cawbeen) But [G]till that day please [D]God I'll stick to The [A]Wearing of the [D]Green! Chorus But if [D]sometime the [Bm]colour should Be [A]torn from Ireland's heart, Her [G]sons with shame and [D]sorrow From the [A]dear old land will [D]part; I've heard [D]whispers of a [Bm]country That [A]lies far beyond sea, Where [G]rich and poor stand [D]equal, In the [A]light of liber-[D]ty! Chorus So [D]Erin must we [Bm]leave you Driven [A]by the tyrant's hand! Must we [G]ask a mother's [D]blessing, In a [A]strange and distant [D]land, Where [D]England's cruel and [Bm]vicious hand Is [A]never to be seen: But [G]where, thank God we'll [D]live and die Still [A]Wearing of the [D]Green! Chorus