T:Sweet Betsy from Pike M:3/4 K:C I:C:CGCC CDCC CGFC CGCC I:C:CGCC CGCC

T:Sweet Betsy from Pike M:3/4 Q:1/4=140 K:C CC[|"C"C2E2G2|"G7"G2F2E2|"C"D2C2C2|C2z2C2|C2E2G2|"D7"c2c2c2|"G"B2G2G2|G2z2G2| "C"c2c2c2|"G7"B2G2E2|"F"F2G2A2|"C"G2z2CD|E2E2E2|"G7"G2F2DD|"C"D2C2C2|C2z2CD|| ||"C"E2E2>E2|"G7"G2F2DD|"C"D2C2>C2|C2z2CD|E2E2>E2|"G7"G2F2DD|"C"D2C2>C2|C2z2CC|]
K:C Did you [C]ever hear [G]tell of sweet [C]Betsy from Pike, Who crossed the wide [D]prairies with [G]her lover Ike, With [C]two yoke of [G]cattle and [F]one spotted [C]hog, A tall Shanghai [G]rooster and an [C]old yeller dog. {i}Refrain:{/i} {i}Hoo-dle [C]dang fol-di [G]dye-do, hoo-dle [C]dang fol-di day,{/i} {i}Hoo-dle dang fol-di [G]dye-do, hoo-dle [C]dang fol-di day.{/i} One [C]evening quite [G]early they [C]camped on the Platte, Made down their [D]blankets on a [G]green shady flat; Where [C]Betsy, quite [G]tired, lay [F]down to re-[C]pose, While with wonder Ike [G]gazed on his [C]Pike County rose. Refrain They [C]swam the wide [G]rivers and [C]crossed the tall peaks, And camped on the [D]prairie for [G]weeks upon weeks. Star-[C]vation and [G]cholera and [F]hard work and [C]slaughter, They reached Cali-[G]fornia spite of [C]hell and high water. Refrain [C]Out on the [G]prairie one [C]bright starry night They broke out the [D]whisky and [G]Betsy got tight; She [C]sang and she [G]shouted and [F]danced o'er the [C]plain, And made a great [G]show for the [C]whole wagon train. Refrain The [C]Injuns came [G]down in a [C]wild yelling horde, And Betsy was [D]skeered they would [G]scalp her adored; Be-[C]hind the front [G]wagon wheel [F]Betsy did [C]crawl, And fought off the [G]Injuns with [C]musket and ball. Refrain They [C]soon reached the [G]desert, where [C]Betsy gave out, And down in the [D]sand she lay [G]rolling about; While [C]Ike in great [G]terror looked [F]on in sur-[C]prise, Saying, "Get up now, [G]Betsy. you'll get [C]sand in your eyes." Refrain The [C]wagon tipped [G]over with a [C]terrible crash, And out on the [D]prairie rolled [G]all sorts of trash; A [C]few little [G]baby clothes [F]done up with [C]care Looked rather sus-[G]picious - though 'twas [C]all on the square. Refrain The [C]Shanghai ran [G]off and the [C]cattle all died, The last piece of [D]bacon that [G]morning was fried; Poor [C]Ike got dis-[G]couraged, and [F]Betsy got [C]mad, The dog wagged his [G]tail and looked [C]wonderfully sad. Refrain One [C]morning they [G]climbed up a [C]very high hill, And with wonder looked [D]down into [G]old Placerville; Ike [C]shouted and [G]said, as he [F]cast his eyes [C]down, "Sweet Betsy, my [G]darling, we've [C]got to Hangtown." Refrain Long [C]Ike and sweet [G]Betsy at-[C]tended a dance, Where Ike wore a [D]pair of his [G]Pike County pants; Sweet [C]Betsy was [G]covered with [F]ribbons and [C]rings. Said Ike, "You're an [G]angel, but [C]where are your wings ?" Refrain A [C]miner said, "[G]Betsy, will [C]you dance with me?" "I will that, old [D]hoss, if you [G]don't make too free; But [C]don't dance me[G] hard. Do you [F]want to know [C]why? Doggone you, I'm [G]chock-full of [C]strong alkali." Refrain Long [C]Ike, and sweet [G]Betsy got [C]married of course, But Ike,getting [D]jealous,ob-[G]tained a divorce; And [C]Betsy, well [G]satisfied, [F]said with a [C]shout; "Good-by, you big [G]lummux, I'm [C]glad you backed out." FINAL REFRAIN: Saying, [C]good-by, dear [G]Isaac, Fare-[C]well for a while, But come back in [G]time To re-[C]plenish my pile.