T:Rye Whiskey M:3/4 K:G I:C:GGGG GGCG (2X) I:C:GGGG GGCG (2X)

X:1 T:Rye Whiskey M:3/4 Q:1/4=120 L:1/8 K:G P:Fiddle (BA)[|"G"BA.G2.G2|(ED)B,B,DD|EE.G2.G2|B4(Bd)|(BA).G2.G2|(ED)B,B,DD|"C"E2.G2A2|"G"G4A2|| P:Vocal ||"G"B2G2G2|E2D2D2|E2G2G2|B2z2G2|B2B2B2|G2D2DD|"C"E2G2A2|"G"G2z2B2| B2G2G2|E2D2D2|E2G2G2|B2z2GG|B2G2G2|E2D2D2|"C"E2G2A2|"G"G4z2|]
K:G {i}Chorus:{/i} {i}Rye Whiskey, Rye Whiskey, Rye Whiskey I cry,{/i} {i}If I don't get Rye Whiskey I surely will die.{/i} {i}Songster #1:{/i} I'll tune up my fiddle, And I'll rosin my bow, I'll make myself welcome, Wherever I go. {i}All: Chorus{/i} {i}Songster #2:{/i} Oh whiskey you villain, You've been my downfall. You've beat me, you've banged me, But I love you for all. {i}All: Chorus{/i} {i}Songster #3:{/i} If the ocean was whiskey, And I was a duck, I'd dive to the bottom And never come up. {i}All: Chorus{/i} {i}Songster #4:{/i} I'll drink my own whiskey, I'll drink my own wine, Some ten thousand bottles, I've killed in my time. {i}All: Chorus{/i} {i}Songster #5:{/i} I'll drink and I'll gamble, My money's my own, And if you don't like me then leave me alone. {i}All: Chorus{/i} {i}Songster #6:{/i} I'll eat when I'm hungry and I'll drink when I'm dry, And if whiskey don't kill me I'll live till I die. {i}All: Chorus{/i} (End singing chorus twice, slow down last two bars)