T:On Top of Spaghetti M:3/4 K:C I:C:CFFF FCCC CGGG GCCC

T:On Top Of Spaghetti M:3/4 Q:1/4=120 %set tempo K:C C2||"C"C2E2G2|"F"c6|A6-|A4A2|F2G2A2|"C"G6-|G6-|G4C2| C2E2G2|"G7"G6|D6-|D4DE|F2E2D2|"C"C6-|C6-|C2z2|]
K:C {i}(Melody from On Top Of Old Smoky){/i} On [C]top of spa-[F]ghetti, all covered with [C]cheese, I lost my poor [G7]meatball, when somebody [C]sneezed. It rolled off the [F]table, and onto the [C]floor, and then my poor [G7]meatball, rolled out of the [C]door. It rolled in the [F]garden, and under a [C]bush, and then my poor [G7]meatball, was nothing but [C]mush. The mush was as [F]tasty, as tasty could [C]be, and early next [G7]summer, it grew to a [C]tree. The tree was all [F]covered, with beautiful [C]moss, It grew great big [G7]meatballs, and tomato [C]sauce. So if you eat spa-[F]ghetti, all covered with [C]cheese, Hold on to your [G7]meatball, and don't ever [C]sneeze.