T:On Top Of Old Smoky M:3/4 K:C I:C:CFFF FCCC CGGG GCCC

T:On Top of Old Smoky M:3/4 Q:1/4=120 %set tempo K:C C2||"C"C2E2G2|"F"c6|A6-|A4A2|F2G2A2|"C"G6-|G6-|G4C2| C2E2G2|"G7"G6|D6-|D4DE|F2E2D2|"C"C6-|C6-|C2z2|]
K:C On [C]top of Old [F]Smoky, all covered with [C]snow, I lost my true [G7]lover, by a courtin' too [C]slow. Well a-courting's a [F]pleasure, and parting is [C]grief. But a false hearted [G7]lover is worse than a [C]thief. A thief he will [F]rob you and take all you [C]save, but a false hearted [G7]lover will send you to your [C]grave. And the grave will de-[F]cay you and turn you to [C]dust. And where is the [G7]young man a poor girl can [C]trust? They'll hug you and [F]kiss you and tell you more [C]lies, than the crossties on the [G7]rail road, or the stars in the [C]skies. They'll tell you they [F]love you, just to give your heart [C]ease. But the minute your [G7]back's turned, they'll court whom they [C]please. So come all you young [F]maidens and listen to [C]me. Never place your af-[G7]fection on a green willow [C]tree. For the leaves they will [F]wither and the roots they will [C]die, And your true love will [G7]leave you, and you'll never know [C]why.