T:New River Train M:4/4 K:D I:C:DDDD DDAA DDGG AADD

X:1 T:New River Train M:4/4 L:1/8 K:D z6D2||"D"FAAAB2AF|D8|FAAAB2AF|"A"E6E2| "D"F2F2D2F2|"G"G2G2B2BB|"A"AAAGF2E2|"D"D6z2|]
K:D {i}Chorus:{/i} {i}[D]I'm riding on that new river train{/i} {i}I'm riding on that new river [A]train{/i} {i}That [D]same old train that [G]brought me here,{/i} {i}Gonna [A]carry me away a-[D]gain{/i} [D]Darlin', you can't love one Darlin', you can't love [A]one You [D]can't love but one and [G]have any fun [A]Darlin', you can't love [D]one {i}Chorus{/i} Darlin', you can't love two (2x) You can't love but two and still be true ... Three / and still have me Four / and love me any more Five / and get your honey from the hive Six / and do any tricks Seven / and expect to get to heaven Eight / and get thru the Pearly Gates Nine / and still be mine Ten / and sing it all again