T:Marching Through Georgia M:C| K:G I:C:GGCG GGAD GCGG DDGG (1X) I:C:GGCG GGDD GCGG DDGG (1X)

X:1 T:Marching Through Georgia M:C| L:1/8 K:G "G"B>AGABDDD|"C"E>FGA"G"G4|B,>CDDEDEG|"A"A>GAB"D"A4| "G"G>GAB"C"cEEE|"G"D>GGAB4|"D"A2A>AA2B>A|"G"G4G2zB|| ||"G"d3Bd3B|"C"G>GGE"G"G3B|d3Bd3B|"D"A>AAFA4| "G"GGAB"C"cEEE|"G"D>GGAB4|"D"A2A>AA2B>A|"G"G4G4|]
K:G [G]Bring the good old bugle, boys! We'll [C]sing another [G]song; Sing it with a spirit that will [A]start the world a-[D]long. [G]Sing it as we [C]used to sing it, [G]fifty thousand strong, [D]While we were marching through [G]Georgia. {i}Chorus:{/i} {i}Hur-[G]rah! Hurrah! We [C]bring the Jubi-[G]lee!{/i} {i}Hurrah! Hurrah! The [D]flag that makes you free!{/i} {i}[G]So we sang the [C]chorus from At-[G]lanta to the sea,{/i} {i}[D]While we were marching through [G]Georgia.{/i} [G]How the workers shouted when they [C]heard the joyful [G]sound! How the turkeys gobbled which our [A]commissary [D]found! [G]How the sweet po-[C]tatoes even [G]started from the ground, [D]While we were marching through [G]Georgia. {i}Chorus{/i} [G]Yes, and there were Union men who [C]wept with joyful [G]tears, When they saw the honored flag they [A]had not seen for [D]years; [G]Hardly could they [C]be restrained from [G]breaking forth in cheers, [D]While we were marching through [G]Georgia. {i}Chorus{/i} "[G]Sherman's dashing Yankee boys will [C]never reach the [G]coast!" So the saucy Rebels said, and [A]'twas a handsome [D]boast; [G]Had they not for-[C]got, alas! To [G]recon with the host, [D]While we were marching through [G]Georgia. {i}Chorus{/i} [G]So we made a thoroughfare for [C]Freedom and her [G]train, Sixty miles in latitude, three [A]hundred to the [D]main; [G]Treason fled be-[C]fore us, for re-[G]sistance was in vain, [D]While we were marching through [G]Georgia. {i}Chorus{/i}