X:1 T:John Henry M:4/4 L:1/8 K:C G2[|"C"cc3G2GE|AGEDC3G|c2c2GG2E|A6zG|c2cAG2GE| AGGECCCE|AG2EEDC2|E6C2|AG2EEDC2|C6|]
K:C John [C]Henry was a steel drivin' man, He drove through many a crew, And now he's gone to the Big Bend Tunnel, For to drive that headin' on through {i}(Lawd, Lawd!){/i} To drive that headin' on through. [C]Captain says to John Henry, "Gonna bring a steam drill 'round, Gonna take that steam drill on the road, Gonna drive that steel on down, {i}(Lawd, Lawd!){/i} Gonna drive that steel on down." John [C]Henry says to the captain, "A man ain't nothin' but a man, Before I'll let that steam drill beat me down, I'll die with this hammer in my hand, {i}(Lawd, Lawd!){/i} I'll die with this hammer in my hand." John [C]Henry went down the railroad track, With a twelve pound hammer by his side. He walked down the track but he didn't come back, 'Cause he laid down his hammer an' he died, {i}(Lawd, Lawd!){/i} 'Cause he laid down his hammer and he died. John [C]Henry had a little woman, An' her name was Polly Ann. John Henry said these dyin' words to her, "Woman, don't you love no other man, {i}(Lawd, Lawd!){/i} Woman don't you love no other man." Now, [C]Polly was his lovin' little wife, He kept her dressed in blue. She went up the track an' she spoke up right back, "John Henry, ain't I been true? {i}(Lawd, Lawd!){/i} John Henry, ain't I been true?" She [C]took John Henry to the buryin' ground, An' she buried him in the sand. Now every train that comes a-chuggin' around Says, "Here lies a steel-drivin' man," {i}(Lawd, Lawd!){/i} Says, "Here lies a steel-drivin' man."