T:In the Good Old Summer Time A:Good Old Summertime M:3/4 K:Bb I:C:BbBbBbBb EbEbBbBb BbBbDGm CCFF I:C:BbBbBbBb EbEbBbBb BbBbDGm CFBbBb

X:1 T:In the Good Old Summer Time M:3/4 Q:1/4=120 %set tempo L:1/4 K:Bb F/G/[|"Bb"FD2|F2B|d3-|"Bb7"dcB|"Eb"Bc2|B2G|"Bb"F3-|Fzz| D2F|B2c|"D7"d2c|"Gm"B3|"C7"c2d|c2d|"F7"c3-|czF|| ||"Bb"D2F|B2c|d2c|"Bb7"B2B|"Eb"B2c|BGB|"Bb"F3-|FzF| D2F|B2c|"D7"d2c|"Gm"B2F|"C7"GB2|"F7"B2c|"Bb"B3-|B2|]
K:Bb In the [Bb]good old summer time, [Bb7]In the [Eb]good old summer [Bb]time. Strolling through the [D7]shady [Gm]lanes, [C7]With your baby [F7]mine; You [Bb]hold her hand and she holds [Bb7]yours, And [Eb]that's a very good [Bb]sign, That she's your tootsey [D7]wootsey [Gm]In the [C7]good old [F7]summer [Bb]time.