T:Greensleeves M:6/8 K:G I:C:{Mode: }E{-minor} I:C:EmEmDD EmEmBB EmEmDD EmB7EmEm I:C:{Refrain} I:C:GGDD EmEmBB GGDD EmB7EmEm

X:1 T:Greensleeves M:6/8 Q:1/4=60 %set tempo L:1/8 K:G P:Verse E[|"Em"G2A(B>c)B|"D"A2F(D>E)F|"Em"G2E(E>^D)E|"B"F2^DB,2E| "Em"G2A(B>c)B|"D"A2F(D>E)F|"Em"(G>F)E"B7"(^D>^C)D|"Em"E3E2z|| P:Refrain ||"G"d3(d>^c)B|"D"A2F(D>E)F|"Em"(G2E)(E>^D)E|"B"F2^DB,3| "G"d3(d>^c)B|"D"A2F(D>E)F|"Em"G>FE"B7"(^D^C)D|"Em"E3E2|]
K:G A-[Em]las! my love, you [D]do me wrong, To [Em]cast me off dis-[B]courteously, And [Em]I have loved [D]you so long. De-[Em]lighting [B7]in your [Em]comp'ny. {i}Refrain:{/i} {i}[G]Greensleeves was [D]all my joy,{/i} {i}[Em]Greensleeves was [B]my delight,{/i} {i}[G]Greensleeves my [D]heart of gold,{/i} {i}And [Em]who but my [B7]Lady [Em]Greensleeves.{/i} I [Em]have been ready [D]at your hand To [Em]grant whatever [B]you would crave, I [Em]have both waged [D]life and land, Your [Em]love and good [B7]will for to [Em]have. {i}(Refrain){/i} I [Em]bought thee kerchers [D]to thy head, That [Em]were wrought fine and [B]gallantly, I [Em]kept thee both at [D]board and bed, Which [Em]cost my [B7]purse well [Em]favoredly. {i}(Refrain){/i} I [Em]bought thee petticoats [D]of the best The [Em]cloth so fine [B]as might be; I [Em]gave thee jewels [D]for thy chest, And [Em]all this [B7]cost I [Em]spent on thee. {i}(Refrain){/i} [Em]Will I pray to [D]God on high That [Em]thou my constancy [B]mayst see, And [Em]that yet once be-[D]fore I die, [Em]Thou will vouch [B7]safe to [Em]love me. {i}(Refrain){/i} Green-[Em]sleeves, now farewell! [D]adieu! [Em]God I pray to [B]prosper thee! For [Em]I am still thy [D]lover true, Come [Em]once a-[B7]gain and [Em]love me. {i}(Refrain){/i}