T:Goodnight, Irene M:3/4 K:G I:C:{(Chorus)} I:C:GGDD DDGG GCCC DDGG (Fine) I:C:{(Verse)} I:C:GGDD DDGG GGCC DDGG

X:1 T:Goodnight, Irene M:3/4 Q:1/4=60 %set tempo L:1/4 K:G P:Chorus [|"G"G3|A2G|"D7"F2E|D3|A3|B2A|"G"G3-|G2A| "G7"B2B|"C"A2G|A2G|E2E|"D7"D2A|B2A|"G"G3-|" {Fine}"G2D|| P:Verse ||"G"GGG|AGD|"D7"FA2-|A2d|ddd|A2B|"G"G3-|G2d| "G7"dBB|A2G|"C"EG2-|G2E|"D7"D2A|B2A|"G"G3-|Gzz|]
K:G {i}Chorus:{/i} {i}[G]Irene, good-[D7]night. Irene, good-[G]night.{/i} {i}Good-[G7]night, I-[C]rene, good-night, Irene,{/i} {i}I'll [D7]see you in my [G]dreams.{/i} Last [G]Saturday night I got [D7]married, Me and my wife settled [G]down. Now [G7]me and my wife are [C]parted I'm gonna [D7]take another stroll down-[G]town. {i}(Chorus){/i} [G]Sometimes I live in the [D7]country, Sometimes I live in the [G]town. [G7]Sometimes I have a great [C]notion, To [D7]jump into the river and [G]drown. {i}(Chorus){/i} Stop [G]ramblin', stop your [D7]gamblin', Stop staying out late at [G]night. Go [G7]home to your wife and your [C]fam'ly, Sit [D7]down by the fire-side [G]bright. {i}(Chorus){/i}