T:Git Along Little Dogies M:6/8 K:D I:C:DAAD DAAD DAAD DAAD (A=A7) I:C:D7D7GG D7D7GG DAAD DAAD

X:1 T:Git Along Little Dogies M:6/8 Q:3/8=80 %set tempo L:1/8 K:D D[|"D"F>FF"A7"GGG|AAA"D"EDD|F>FD"A7"GGG|AAA"D"D z D|F>FF"A7"GGG| AAA"D"EDD|F2D"A7"GGG|AAA"D"D2 A/A/|| P:Chorus ||"D7"=c2AcAc|"G"dddBGG|"D7"=c2ccAc|"G"dddG2 D/D/| "D"F2F"A7"GGG/G/|A>BA/F/"D"ED D/D/|FDD"A7"GGG|A>AA"D"D3|]
K:D As [D]I was a-[A7]walking one morning for [D]pleasure, I spied a cow-[A7]puncher come riding a-[D]long; His hat was throwed [A7]back and his spurs were a-[D]jinglin', As he ap-[A7]proached me a-singin' this [D]song: {i}Chorus:{/i} {i}Whoop-ee-[D7]ti-yi-yo, git a-[G]long little dogies,{/i} {i}It's [D7]your misfortune and [G]none of my own;{/i} {i}Whoop-ee-[D]ti-yi-[A7]yo, git a long little [D]dogies,{/i} {i}For you know Wy-[A7]oming will be your new [D]home.{/i} [D]Early in the [A7]springtime we'll round up the [D]dogies, Slap on their [A7]brands and bob off their [D]tails; Round up our [A7]horses, load up the chuck [D]wagon, Then throw those [A7]dogies up on the [D]trail. {i}(Chorus){/i} It's [D]whooping and [A7]yelling and driving them [D]dogies, O, how I [A7]wish you would go [D]on; It's whooping and [A7]punching and go on, little [D]dogies, For you know Wy-[A7]oming will be your new [D]home. {i}(Chorus){/i} [D]Some boys goes [A7]up the trail for [D]pleasure, But that's where they [A7]git it most awfully [D]wrong; For you haven't any i-[A7]dea that trouble they [D]give us As we go [A7]driving those dogies a-[D]long. {i}(Chorus){/i} When [D]night comes [A7]on and we hold them on the [D]bed-ground, Those little [A7]dogies that roll on so [D]slow; Roll up the [A7]herd and cut out the [D]strays, And roll the little [A7]dogies that never rolled be-[D]fore. {i}(Chorus){/i} Your [D]mother she was [A7]raised way down in [D]Texas, Where the jimson [A7]weed and sand-burrs [D]grow; Now we'll fill you [A7]up on prickly pear and cho-[D]olla Till you're ready for the [A7]trail to Ida-[D]ho. {i}(Chorus){/i} Oh, [D]you'll be [A7]soup for Uncle Sam's In-[D]juns; "It's beef, heap [A7]beef," I hear them [D]cry. Git along, git a-[A7]long, git along, little [D]dogies, You're going to be [A7]beef steers by and [D]bye. {i}(Chorus){/i}