T:Chicken Reel M:2/4 K:D I:C:DDDD DDAD (2X) I:C:DDDD DDAD (2X)

X:1 T:Chicken Reel M:2/4 K:D P:Part A [|:"D"fdAFDFBF|AFBFA4|fdAFDFBF|"A"A2c2"D"d4:|] P:Part B Var 1 [|:"D"fa2fd2fd|Adfdedfd|fa2fd2fd|"A"Ace2"D"d4:|] P:Part B Var 2 [|:"D"FA3A4|(BAB2)A4|(BAB2)B2d2|"A"F2E2"D"D4:|] P:Part B Var 3 [|:"D"[F2d2][F2d2][F4d4]|dABdBAF2|[F2d2][F2d2][F4d4]|"A"fde2"D"d4:|]
K:D {i}(Sing to Part A only, Part B is instrumental){/i} Way [D]down in Carolina where the sweet potatoes grow there lives a dancin' maiden by the [A]name of Liza [D]Snow She [D]used to go to parties where they always made her sing but say you ought to see that lady [A]do the chicken [D]wing They [D]held a dancing contest and were going to give a prize They all had on their finest and it [A]now was up to [D]Lize [D]Who was gonna win it everybody there could feel When Liza hollered to the band to [A]play the Chicken [D]Reel