X:1 T:Casey Jones M:4/4 Q:1/4=110 %set tempo L:1/8 K:A ||:"A"AA2AAGFE|AGAE-E2E2|A2AA-AGFE|"Bm"F=F^FG-"E"G3E| "A"A2AA-AGFE|AGAE-E2CC|E2E2"E7"EFED|"A"CA,"E"B,2"A"A,3E:|] ||"A"CE-E2E4|ABcA"D"BAFE|"A"CE-E2E2EE|"B7"ABcA"E7"B2z2| "A"CE-E2E4|ABcA"D"BAFE|"A"CEEE"E7"EFED|"A"CA,B,A,-A,2z2|]
K:A [A]Come all you rounders, if you want to hear, a story a-bout a [Bm]brave engineer.[E] [A]Casey Jones was the rounder's name: on a [A]six eight [E7]wheeler, boys, he [A]won [E]his [A]fame. The [A]caller called Casey at a half past four: kissed his wife at the [Bm]station door.[E] [A]Mounted to the cabin with his orders in his hand, and he [A]took his farewell [E7]trip to that [A]Pro-[E7]mised [A]Land. {i}[A]Casey Jones, mounted to the [D]cabin, {/i} {i}[A]Casey Jones, with his [B7]orders in his [E7]hand. {/i} {i}[A]Casey Jones, mounted to the [D]cabin, {/i} {i}and he [A]took his farewell [E7]trip to that [A]Prom-[E7]ised [A]Land.{/i} [A]"Put in your water and shovel in your coal; put your heat out the window, watch them [Bm]drivers roll.[E] I'll [A]run her 'till she leaves the rail 'cause I'm [A]eight hours [E7]late with that [A]West-[E]ern [A]mail." He [A]looked at his watch and his watch was slow; he looked at the water and the [Bm]water was low.[E] He [A]turned to the fireman and he said, "We're going to reach [E7]Frisco but we'll [A]all [E7]be [A]dead." {i}[A]Casey Jones, going to reach [D]Frisco, {/i} {i}[A]Casey Jones, but we'll [B7]all be [E7]dead. {/i} {i}[A]Casey Jones, going to reach [D]Frisco; {/i} {i}we're [A]going to reach [E7]Frisco, but we'll [A]all [E7]be [A]dead.{/i} [A]Casey pulled up that Reno hill; he tooted for the crossing with an [Bm]awful shrill.[E] The [A]switchmen knew by the engine's moan that the man at the [E7]throttle was [A]Ca-[E]sey [A]Jones. He [A]pulled up within two miles of the place; Number Four stared him [Bm]right in the face.[E] He turned to the fireman, said, "Boy you'd better jump 'cause there's two loco-[E7]motives that's a-[A]going [E7]to [A]bump." {i}[A]Casey Jones, two loco-[D]motives, {/i} {i}[A]Casey Jones, that's a-[B7]going to [E7]bump.{/i} {i}[A]Casey Jones, two loco-[D]motives;{/i} {i}there's [A]two loco-[E7]motives that's a -[A]going [E7]to [A]bump.{/i} [A]Casey said, just before he died, "There's two more roads that I'd [Bm]like to ride.[E] The [A]fireman said, "What could that be? " "The Southern Pa-[E7]cific and the [A]San-[E]ta [A]Fe." Missus [A]Jones sat on her bed a-sighing; just received a message that [Bm]Casey was [E]dying. [A]"Go to bed, children, and hush your crying 'cause you got another [E7]papa on the [A]Salt [E7]Lake [A]line." {i}Missus [A]Casey Jones, got another [D]papa,{/i} {i}Missus [A]Casey Jones, on that [B7]Salt Lake [E7]line.{/i} {i}Missus [A]Casey Jones, got another [D]papa, {/i} {i}and you've [A]got another [E7]papa on that [A]Salt [E7]Lake [A]line. {/i} Chorus