T:The Campbells Are Coming M:6/8 K:C I:C:{Chorus: }CCCC CCGG CCCC FCGC I:C:{Verse: }CCCC CCFF CCCC FCGC

X:1 T:The Campbells Are Coming M:6/8 Q:3/8=100 %set tempo L:1/8 K:C P:Chorus C||"C"EGAGEC|E2EE2D|EGAGEC|"G"D2DD2C|"C"EGAGEC|E>FEE2B|"F"cAc"C"GEC|"G"D>ED"C"C2G|| P:Verse ||c2cc>de|G2GGEG|c2cc>de|"F"A2AA2G|"C"G>ABc>BA|G>ABcde|"F"cAc"C"GEC|"G"D>ED"C"C2C|]
K:C {i}Chorus:{/i} {i}The [C]Campbells are comin', O-ho!, O-ho!{/i} {i}The Campbells are comin', O-[G]ho!, O-ho!{/i} {i}The [C]Campbells are comin', to bonnie Loch Leven,{/i} {i}The [F]Campbells are [C]comin', O-[G]ho!, O-[C]ho!{/i} Up-[C]on the Lomonds I lay, I lay, Up-on the Lomonds I [F]lay, I lay, I [C]looked down to bonnie Loch Leven And [F]saw three [C]bonnie [G]perches [C]play. {i}(Chorus){/i} The [C]great Argyle he goes before He makes the cannons and [F]guns to roar, Wi' [C]sounds trumpets fife and drums The [F]Campbells are [C]comin', O-[G]ho, O-[C]ho! {i}(Chorus){/i}