T:Bicycle Built for Two A:Daisy Bell A:Daisy M:3/4 K:G I:C:GGGG CCGG DDGG AADD I:C:DDGG GCGG GDGD GDGG

X:1 T:Bicycle Built for Two M:3/4 Q:1/4=60 %set tempo L:1/4 K:G ||"G"d3|B3|G3|D3|"C"EFG|E2G|"G"D3-|D3| "D7"A3|d3|"G"B3|G3|"A7"EFG|A2B|"D"A3-|A2B| "D7"cBA|d2B|"G"AG2-|G2A|B2G|"C"E2G|"G"ED2-|D2D| G2B|"D7"Azz|"G"G2B|"D7"Az/B/c|"G"dBG|"D7"A2D|"G"G3-|G3|]
K:G [G]Daisy, Daisy, [C]Give me your answer, [G]do, [D7]I'm half [G]crazy, [A7]All for the love of [D]you! It [D7]won't be a stylish [G]marriage, I can't af-[C]ford a [G]carriage, But you'll look [D7]sweet, [G]On the [D7]seat of a [G]bicycle [D7]built for [G]two.