T:Beer, Beer, Beer A:Charlie Mopps A:The Man Who Invented Beer A:Ode to Charlie Mopps M:6/8 K:C I:C:CCCC CCCC FFCC CCGG I:C:FFFF CCGG CCCC CGCC

X:1t T:Beer, Beer, Beer M:6/8 L:1/8 K:C z3G2F||"C"E3E2E|E3-E2E|E2ED2C|E3-E2E|"F"F2FF2F|"C"G3C3|EEED2C|"G"D3-D2E| "F"F3F2F|A3F2F|"C"E2EG2E|"G"D3-D2E|"C"G2GGGG|GGGGGF|E2E"G"D2D|"C"C3z3|] ||C3G,3|A,3B,3|C3G,3|A,3B,3||
K:C Oh, a [C]long time ago, way back in history, When [F]all they had to [C]drink was nothing but cups of [G]tea, A-[F]long came a bloke by the [C]name of Charlie [G]Mopps, And [C]he invented a wonderful drink and he made it [G]out of [C]hops. (Hops, hops, hops, hops, Hops, hops, hops, hops. ) {i}Chorus:{/i} {i}He [C]ought to have been an Admiral, a Sultan or a King, {/i} {i}[F]And to his [C]praises we shall always [G]sing.{/i} {i}[F]Look what he has done for us: he's [C]filled us with good [G]cheer. {/i} {i}[C]God bless Charlie Mopps, the man who in-[G]vented [C]beer. {/i} {i}(Beer, beer, beer, beer, Beer, beer, beer, beer. ){/i} [C]Abbey, the Connaught, the Hole In The Wall as well, One [F]thing you can be [C]sure, it's Charlie's beer they [G]sell. So [F]come on all you lucky lads, at [C]ten o'clock she [G]stops; For [C]five short seconds, remember [G]Charlie [C]Mopps. (Chorus) A [C]bushel of hops, a barrel of malt, you stir it around with a stick, The [F]sort of lu-bri-[C]ca-tion to make your engine [G]tick. [F]Twenty pints of whallop a day will [C]keep away the [G]quacks. It's [C]only four-pence ha' penny a pint and a shilling and [G]tuppence in [C]tax. (Chorus)