T:The Ash Grove M:3/4 K:F I:C:FFGmC FBbFF (2X) I:C:FDGmC DmFCC FFGmC FBbFF (1X)

X:1 T:The Ash Grove M:3/4 Q:1/4=110 %set tempo L:1/4 K:F C[|:"F"FA(c/B/)|AFF|"Gm"G(B/A/)"G7"(G/F/)|"C"ECC| "F"F(A/G/)(F/E/)|"Bb"DB,D|"F"CF"C7"E|1"F"F2C:|]2"F"F2A/>B/|| ||"F"c(A/B/)(c/d/)|"D7"cBA|"Gm"B(G/A/)(B/c/)|"C7"BAG| "Dm"A(F/G/)(A/B/)|"F"AGF|"C"Gc"G7"=B|"C"c2"C7"C| "F"FA(c/B/)|AFF|"Gm"G(B/A/)"G7"(G/F/)|"C"ECC| "F"F(A/G/)(F/E/)|"Bb"DB,D|"F"CF"C7"E|"F"F3|]
K:F Down [F]yonder green valley where [Gm]streamlets me-[C]ander, When [F]twilight is [Bb]fading I [F]pensively roam. Or [F]at the bright noontide in [Gm]solitude [C]wander, A-[F]mid the dark [Bb]shades of the [F]lonely Ash Grove. {i}'Twas [F]there while the [D7]blackbird was [Gm]cheerfully [C7]singing, {/i} {i}I [Dm]first met that [F]dear one, the [C]joy of my heart, {/i} {i}A-[F]round as for gladness the [Gm]bluebells were [C]ringing, {/i} {i}Ah! [F]then little [Bb]thought I how [F]soon we should part.{/i} Still [F]glows the bright sunshine o'er [Gm]valley and [C]mountain, Still [F]warbles the [Bb]blackbird its [F]note from the tree; Still [F]trembles the moonbeam on [Gm]streamlet and [C]fountain, But [F]what are the [Bb]beauties of [F]nature to me? {i}With [F]sorrow, deep [D7]sorrow, my [Gm]bosom is [C7]laden. {/i} {i}All [Dm]day I go [F]mourning in [C]search of my love. {/i} {i}Ye [F]echoes! Oh, tell me, where [Gm]is the sweet [C]maiden?{/i} {i}"She [F]sleeps 'neath the [Bb]green turf down [F]by the Ash Grove."{/i}