The Great American Songbook in Your Phone — Music Tabs App

A dazzling parade of the most important and influential musical standards from the 20th century. These songs are broken down into many different instrument and notation options that make jamming with friends, or on stage, easy for any player. So, whether you are a seasoned player or just learning, this app will help you get in the thick of it and jam your heart out.

The current SongBuddy music library provides 19th and 20th century American songs that many will recognize and some will adore. Join the jam session or start you own when you use the SongBuddy music tabs app to find and play music from a bygone era. Enjoy and stay tuned for the addition of more music to the SongBuddy library.

Song Buddy Music Tabs App

Figuring out a new song on the spot has never been so easy, especially in a jam setting. View tabs, chords, and lyrics for songs and access detailed information about tempo, musical notation, and key signatures for multiple instruments.

With all the feautes of Song Buddy you can easily…

Switch keys

Change tempos

Customize notations

Switch instuments

Search catalog

And all the songs are expertly coded for quick access on your phone or tablet. And when you’re on stage, you’ll need an app as quick and flexible as your fingers.

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